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Handbags carry memories

Efi Dolcini bags are designed and handmade in a little studio in sunny Athens, Greece. We like to use vintage fabrics and leathers, colourful beads, hand-woven textiles and our own printed designs. The bags are put together, piece by piece using hand-stitched embellishments and everything is cut with scissors, making each piece truly one of a kind. Every season we introduce a new collection, inspired by art, nature, animals and the Greek folk culture. We believe

in old traditions, alignment with nature and the inspiration that women are for the world. Our hope is to inspire all girls to live slower and dress beautifully by supporting sustainable fashion, local crafters and keeping alive traditional techniques. Our bags are  meant to be passed on from mothers to daughters, best friends, lovers. We love to create custom and unique pieces. If you would like to carry a One of a kind Efi Dolcini piece, email us at: